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Well on Friday June 20th 2017... my great grandma Schwiner has passed away at age 93. I prayed every night for her since she fell terminally ill, she kept going for a little while about 2 weeks maybe, she couldn't talk nor remember who she was, I had many years with her full of good memories​, we had great times and well it wasn't too much of a shock when she passed but it still pains me that she's now gone, but now she's in a better place now looking down on me and my family and I know God is treating her like a daughter. But after hearing her body parts kept shutting down, she's now shut down... permanently. But I know now she's in a better place.

Yep my great grandma Schwiner has passed away this Friday I will always remember the good times and I tried to poetically express my thoughts I probably did horrible as I'm never good with poems but guys I took a major kick to the stomach I hope you guys can bear what I'm going through and why I haven't responded, I'm gonna be headed to her funeral tomorrow (Monday June 23rd) so if I am not online, you know why (rhyme alert) but yep she's gone I will always remember my memories with her.
MOST HECTIC DISCORD EVER with :iconcrueldude100: heh but hey tell him Happy Birthday he deserves it as he's now a 14 year old CONGRATS BUDDY :D
To :icon31darkstar: please unblock me, :iconseantheinkling: already talked to you about me I'm a good guy who loves to talk and have fun and a lot can agree, I love to joke and I give props for what you did to :iconaspider25: he already had his mask stolen and you added to it XD but I saw you wanted real friends so I was gonna be one but you already blocked me, I just wanna be SPLT lovin' friends please unblock me I wanna be friends and I bet all you other guys can tell how much of a good friend I can be so please unblock me, pwetty pwease with ink on top 😄
Ok one down (U.S. History and Government) or rather two down one to go WOOMY almost there 😄 wish me luck tomorrow for my final final sorry XD but WOOMY only one left which is English and once that's done I'm DONE WITH FINALS :D so wish me luck tomorrow :D:D
Listen I know I haven't been online and that's why this is here so if anyone has been wondering why no RP's and other things have been responded and or replied whether comments, replies, and or notes these are the reasons.

1. Been sick with a horrible cough for up too 3 weeks now and have had Mucus Plugs... ugh choking on clear mucus is awful :bleh:
2. School Finals... probably a lot of you guys are with me there
3. My phone is lost... cut me off big time but I'll find it eventually :)
4. Family stuff; my Grandma has moved in to a house that's near us so we have been helping her move lately so that's been something I've gladly helped her with ;)

So hopefully that clears thing up for you guys I still love you all very much (not literally ;)) and I wish I had the time to talk to you all more often right now cause I love hearing the sound of your voice [link] er rather seeing the sound of your voice in words in comments/replies and stuff so overall I'll try to talk as much as possible cause I and or this squid ;p loves you all and hasn't forgotten any RP's bu hope this clears things up for those wondering why I have been quite absent ;)

Thanks guys I'm glad you understand :) and I hope you guys didn't get concerned and or concerned enough where you guys were all [link] and that crap XD


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Parker Pascucci
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I love fnaf fan games and have a serious fart fetish especially with pokemon and Digimon, I be like :iconantony3: or tackofeitsh or latrinachu hey check me out on twitter i have great links to great games AND I hope we can be friends ^_^ and BTW NO HATERS OR ANYTHING NEGATIVE ALLOWED IF YOU DON'T LIKE THIS STUFF LLLLEEEEAAAAVVVVEEEE anyway though have fun with my gassy Pokemon on their asks, read the great stories that have happened, you'll always have fun here with us in the BFG (Big Gassy Family)

My other side is as you can see Splatoon which I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE as you can see with me noogieing my friend :iconreddit14: yes grls do it to cause GIRLS RULE in SPLT if yo didn't know already XD Hey any friend of an Inkling or Octoling I know is a friend of mine... unless they're evil or an Octarian or with the Octarians cause in that case I will beat the death out of you but hey say hi when you can ^_^


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